Glossary of Wire & Cable Terminology

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W - a) Abbreviation for watt. See watt. b) Heavy duty portable power cable, Neoprene jacket, in single or multiple conductors, 600 volt. Neoprene is a trademark of the DuPont de Nemours Co. c) Abbreviation for with.

WALL THICKNESS - Refers to insulation thickness or jacket thickness that has been applied.

WATER ABSORPTION - A test to determine the water absorbed by a material after a given immersion period.

WATER BLOCKED CABLE - A multi-conductor cable having voids filled to prevent water flow or wicking.

WATT - The unit of measure of electric power. One watt is equivalent to the power represented by one ampere of current under a pressure of one volt in a DC circuit. Abbreviation W.

WAVEGUIDE - A transmission line that consists of a suitably shaped hollow conductor, which may be filled with a dielectric material, and that is used to guide ultrahigh frequency electromagnetic waves propagated along its length. The most common shapes of waveguide are rectangular and cylindrical; the most common dielectric is air. A cylindrical waveguide is sometimes known as a wave duct; one that contains a solid rod of dielectric is a uniconductor waveguide. If a wide range of frequencies is to be transmitted, a ridged waveguide may be used. The presence of the ridges extends the possible range of frequencies that may be propagated in a particular transmission mode but the transmission is greater than in the equivalent rectangular waveguide.

WAVEGUIDE DISPERSION - Dispersion caused by the fact that light travels at different speeds in the core and cladding of single-mode fibers.

WAVELENGTH - The distance, measured in the direction of propagation, of a repetitive electrical pulse or waveform between two successive points that are characterized by the same phase of vibration.

W BABAND - A band of microwave frequencies. See frequency band.

WICKING - The longitudinal flow of a liquid in a wire or cable due to capillary action.

WIRE - A slender rod or filament of drawn metal. The term is a generally used one, which may refer to any single conductor. If larger than 9 AWG or multiple conductors, it is usually referred to as a cable.

WIRE BRAID - Flexible wire constructed of small size strands woven together in tubular form. Used for shielding or connections where constant flexing is required.

WIRE GAUGE - The American Wire Gauge, originally called Brown & Sharpe Gauge. A system of numerical wire sizes starting with the lowest numbers for the largest sizes. Gauge sizes are each 20.6% apart based on cross sectional area. Abbreviation AWG.

WOLLASTON WIRE - Extremely fine platinum wire that is used for electroscope wires, micro fuses, and hot-wire instruments. It is produced by coating platinum wire with a sheath of silver, drawing them together into a relatively fine uniform diameter wire, and then dissolving the silver with a suitable acid. Diameters to about one micrometer may be produced by this method.

WOVEN CABLES - A method of producing a flat or ribbon type cable by holding the conductors together with thread as a result of a weaving process.

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