Glossary of Wire & Cable Terminology

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O.D. - Abbreviation for outside diameter.

OEM - Abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

OFC - Abbreviation for optical fiber conductive general purpose cable.

OFCG - Abbreviation for optical fiber conductive fire resistant general purpose cable.

OFCP - Abbreviation for optical fiber conductive plenum cable.

OFCR - Abbreviation for optical fiber conductive riser cable.

OFFGASSING - Percentage of a specified gas released during the combustion of an insulating or jacketing material.

OFHC - Abbreviation for oxygen free, high conductivity copper. It has no residual deoxidant, 99.95% minimum copper content and an average annealed conductivity of 100%.

OFN - Abbreviation for optical fiber non conductive general purpose cable.

OFNG - Abbreviation for optical fiber non conductive fire resistant general purpose cable.

OFNP - Abbreviation for optical fiber non conductive plenum cable.

OFNR - Abbreviation for optical fiber non conductive riser cable.

OHM - The unit of measure for electrical resistance, reactance, and impedance. A constant current of one ampere produces a force of one volt. Symbol .

OHM (300) LEAD WIRE - Television lead-in wire. Leads signal in from the antenna to the set.

OHMS LAW - The electric current, I, flowing in a conductor or resistor is linearly proportional to the applied difference, V, across it. From the definition of resistance, R, Ohms law can be written:

V = IR (i.e.,Volts = Current x Resistance.)

OIL FILLED CABLE - Paper insulated, lead sheathed cable, into which high grade mineral oil is forced under pressure, saturating the insulation. The main object is to prevent moisture and gases from entering. It is also easier to detect flaws due to leakage, as the oil is kept under constant pressure at all times.

OIL FILLED PIPE CABLE - Basically the same as oil filled cable, but inside of rigid pipe instead of lead sheath. Sometimes it is a standard oil filled cable inserted into rigid pipe under pressure, both units being oil filled. Usually for much higher voltage where constant pressure is maintained at all times.

OIL RESISTANT - Performance characteristics of a material against exposure to a specific oil.

OKOCORD - Trade name for portable power cables made by Okonite Company.

OKOPRENE - Trade name for Neoprene covered wire and cable made by Okonite. Neoprene is a trademark of the DuPont de Nemours Co.

OPEN WIRE - Synonymous with overhead line. A conductor that is not surrounded by insulation and is supported separately above ground.

OPER. - Abbreviation for operating.

OPTICAL RECEIVER - Unit for converting optical signals into electrical signals.

OPTICAL TIME DOMAIN REFLECTOMETER - An instrument that measures transmission characteristics of fiber by sending a pulse of light down the fiber and measuring the light scattered across the length and reflected back from the end as a function of time. Used to measure attenuation, point discontinuities, and fiber length, as well as to find breaks.

OPTICALAL TRANSMITTER - Unit for converting electrical signals into optical signals.

OSHA - Abbreviation for Occupational Safety and Health Act.

OUTGASSING - The dissipation of gas from a dielectric evidencing decomposition.

OVERCOAT - Individual strands of tin copper wire stranded together and then covered with a tin coating.

OVERHEAD LINE - Synonymous with open wire. A conductor that is not surrounded by insulation and is supported separately above ground.

OVERLOAD - Any load delivered at the output of an electrical device, circuit, machine, or other apparatus that exceeds the rated output of the equipment.

OXIDIZE - To change (a compound) by increasing the proportion of the electronegative part or charge (an element or ion) from a lower to a higher positive valence; remove one or more electrons from an atom, ion, or molecule.

OXYGEN BOMB TEST - To determine aging effect, heat, tensile strength, and elongation of wire. The wire is placed in a bomb at 70 C, under 300 psi using pure oxygen gas for a period of 48 to 96 hours.

OXYGEN INDEX - Percentage of oxygen necessary to support combustion of a specified material.

OZ - Abbreviation for ounce.

OZONE - Form of oxygen produced by discharge of electricity into air. Chemical symbol O2.

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