Glossary of Wire & Cable Terminology

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N - a) Abbreviation for newtons. See newton. b) Abbreviation for nichrome.

N/A - Abbreviation for not applicable.

NA - Abbreviation for numerical aperture. See numerical aperture.

NANO - A prefix to a unit, denoting a submultiple of one-billionth (10-9) of that unit.

NANOMETER - One billionth (10-9) of a meter. Abbreviated nm.

NANOSECOND - One-billionth (10-9) of a second.

NATIONAL ELECTRIC CODE - Recommendations of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) are revised every three years. City, county, or state regulations may differ from code regulations and take precedent over NEC Code rules, which of themselves, have no legal status.

NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION -The organization whose prime mission is to maintain and publish the National Electrical Code.

NAVAIR - Abbreviation for Naval Air Systems Command (see NMC).

NAVELEX - Abbreviation for Naval Electronics Systems Command (see NMC).

NAVFAC - Abbreviation for Naval Facilities Engineering Command (see NMC).

NAVORD - Abbreviation for Naval Ordinance Systems Command (see NMC).

NAVSEA - Abbreviation for Naval Sea Systems Command.

NAVSHIPS - Abbreviation for Naval Ships Systems Command (see NMC).

NAVSUP - Abbreviation for Naval Supply Systems Command (see NMC).

NBFU - Abbreviation for National Board of Fire Underwriters.

NBS - Abbreviation for National Bureau of Standards.

NC - a). Abbreviation for nickel-plated copper. Also abbreviated as NPC. b). Abbreviation for nickel-clad copper. Also abbreviated as NCC. c). Abbreviation for nickel conductor.

NCC - Abbreviation for nickel-clad copper. Also abbreviated as NC.

NCCCS - Abbreviation for nickel-covered copper-clad steel.

NEC - Abbreviation for National Electric Code. See National Electric Code.

NEMA - Abbreviation for National Electrical Manufacturers Association. Maintains standardization of electrical motors, gear reducers, and wire and cable specifications.

NEOPRENE® - A synthetic rubber made by the polymerization of chloroprene and characterized by superior resistance (as to oils). Neoprene® is a trademark of the DuPont de Nemours Co.

NET LOSS - The difference between the attenuation and the gain in any circuit, device, network, or transmission line.

NEUTRAL - a). Having no net positive or negative electric charge at earth potential. b). c Denoting the line that completes the domestic mains supply and is connected to earth at the power station.

NEWTON - The unit of force in the metric system of physical units that is of such size that under its influence a body whose mass is one kilogram would experience an acceleration of one meter per second per second. Abbreviated N.

NFPA - Abbreviation for National Fire Protection Association. See National Fire Protection Association.

NICKEL-CLAD COPPER WIRE - A wire with a layer of nickel on a copper core where the area of the nickel is approximately 30% of the conductor area. The nickel has been rolled and fused to the copper before drawing. It has a very high resistivity and can operate at extremely high temperatures. Abbreviated NCC and NC.

NICROME® - Driver Harris Company’s trade name for an alloy of 60% nickel, 16% chromium, and the balance steel. Used exclusively in wire wound resistors and heating elements.

nm - Abbreviation for nanometer. One-billionth (10-9) of a meter.

NMC - Abbreviation for Naval Material Command. Central Navy agency for the development, procurement, maintenance, supply, disposal, distribution, and storage of material. Includes the following Systems Commands; the Naval Ships Systems Command (NAVSHIPS), the Naval Ordnance Systems Command (NAVORD), the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), the Naval Electronics Systems Command (NAVELEX), the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), and the Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP).

NO. - Abbreviation for number.

NOM. - Abbreviation for nominal.

NOMEX® - DuPont de Nemours Co. trademark for a temperature resistant, flame-retardant nylon.

NON CONTAMINATING - Refers to a type of PVC jacketing material whose plasticizer will not migrate into the dielectric of a coaxial cable and thus avoids contaminating and destroying the dielectric.

NONFERROUS - Not of iron. Refers to alloys which have no iron or steel as ingredients.

NON HYGROSCOPIC - Material does not absorb moisture.

NON MIGRATING - Same as non contaminating.

NPC - Abbreviation for nickel-plated copper. Also abbreviated as NC.

NPLF - Abbreviation for non power-limited fire protective signaling circuit cable.

NPLFP - Abbreviation for non power-limited fire protective signaling circuit plenum cable.

NPLFR - Abbreviation for non power-limited fire protective signaling circuit riser cable.

NRC - Abbreviation for Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

NUMERICAL APERTURE - In fiber optics, the sine of half the angle over which a fiber can accept light, it is a function of the relationship between the refractive index of the core and that of the cladding. It is the "light gathering ability" of a fiber, defining the maximum angle to the fiber axis at which light will be accepted and propagated through the fiber. Abbreviation NA. NA is also used to describe the angular spread of light from a central axis, as in exiting a fiber, emitting from a source, or entering a detector.

NYLON - A group of polyamide polymers which are used for wire and cable jacketing. Mechanical and chemical protection 105° C.

NYLON JACKETED - Refers to the outer covering of nylon on wire or cable which can either be an extruded layer or a braid of nylon filaments.

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