Glossary of Wire & Cable Terminology

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L - Symbol for inductance. See inductance.

LBABAND - A band of microwave frequencies. See frequency band.

LACQUER FINISH - A finish applied over braided wire or cable for appearance, for moisture proofing, to reduce friction, and resist abrasion.

LAMINATES - A buildup of layers of material to increase thickness as in braid varnished cambric (VCB).

LAMP CORD - Flexible stranded conductor cord, rubber or plastic insulated, used in wiring of lamps, household fans, and similar appliances. Not subject to hard usage. UL approved.

LAN - Abbreviation for Local Area Network. See local area network.

LAPEL MIKE CABLE - Small O.D., flexible microphone cable.

LASER - Acronym from light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. A source of intense monochromatic coherent radiation in the visible, ultraviolet, or infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The narrow beam can be either pulsed or continuous.

LATEX - Rubber material used for insulation of wire.

LAUNCH FIBER - An optical fiber used to couple and condition light from an optical source into an optical fiber. Often the launch fiber is used to create an equilibrium modal distribution in multi-mode fiber. Also referred to as launching fiber.

LAY - The length measured along the axis of a wire or cable required for a single strand (in stranded wire) or conductor (in cable) to make one complete turn around the axis of the conductor or cable.

lbs - Abbreviation for pounds.

LDPE - Abbreviation for low density polyethylene.

LEACHING AND NON LEACHING - In a leaching wire, the plasticizer will migrate or leave the vinyl compound when exposed to the heat of baking. The wire so treated becomes brittle and hard. A non leaching wire will retain its plasticizer under extreme temperature conditions and remain flexible after baking. Non leaching wire is desirable for use as motor lead wire.

LEAD CURED - A cable that is cured or vulcanized in a metallic lead mold.

LEAD-IN - The cable that connects the active part of an aerial to the transmitter or receiver.

LEAKAGE - The passage of an electric current along a path other than that intended due to faulty insulation or isolation in a circuit, component, device, or other piece of apparatus.

LED - Abbreviation for light emitting diode.

LEVEL 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 - Underwriters Laboratories' performance designations for unshielded, twisted pair cables. See Category 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

LF - Abbreviation for low frequency. See frequency band.

LINE VOLTAGE - The voltage existing in a cable or circuit.

LITZ WIRE - Short for litzendraht wire. A construction of fine individually insulated strands specially woven or braided together to reduce skin effect and thus lower resistance to high frequency currents.

LOCAL AREA NETWORK - A baseband or broadband interactive bidirectional communication system for voice, video, or data use on a common cable medium. Abbreviation LAN.

LONGITUDINAL SHIELD - A tape shield, flat or corrugated, applied longitudinally with the axis of the core being shielded.

LOOP RESISTANCE - The total resistance of two conductors measured round-trip from one end.

LOOSE TUBE (BUFFER) - A type of cable construction in which the fiber is placed in a plastic tube with a diameter much larger than the fiber itself. The loose tube isolates the fiber from exterior mechanical forces acting on the cable. The space between the tube and fiber is often filled with a gel which serves to cushion the fiber.

LOSS FACTOR - The product of the dissipation and dielectric constant of an insulating material.

LOW FREQUENCY - See frequency band.

LOW LOSS - A cable that has a small amount of power loss when extended over long lengths.

LOW NOISE - A cable constructed in such a manner as to reduce to a minimum any signals generated by the motion of the cable components in respect to each other. Used to reduce the noise level in coaxial or microphone cable circuits.

LOW TENSION - Low voltage as applied to ignition cable.

LT - Abbreviation for low temperature non contaminating jacket, Type II.

LW - Abbreviation for light wall, 300 volt, electronic hook-up wires to MIL-W-76.

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