Glossary of Wire & Cable Terminology

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f - Abbreviation for farad. See farad.

F - Abbreviation for Fahrenheit. See Fahrenheit.

FAA - Abbreviation for Federal Aeronautics Administration.

FAHRENHEIT - A scale for measuring temperature. Water freezes at 32° F and boils at 212° F. Abbreviated F.

FARAD - A unit of capacitance. Usually expressed in microfarads (µF) one-millionth (10 -6) of a farad; or picofarads (pf) one-trillionth (10 -18) of a farad. Abbreviation f.

FATIGUE RESISTANCE - Resistance to metal crystallization that occurs when the conductors or wires break from flexing.

FAULT CURRENT - A current that may flow through a circuit or device as a result of a fault, such as a defect in the insulation.

FDDI - Abbreviation for fiber distributed data interface.

FEP - Abbreviation for fluorinated ethylene propylene. It was formerly called X-100 or FEP100. This is a fluorocarbon resin.

FEP-IX - Abbreviation for extruded fluorinated ethylene propylene, type IX per MIL-C-17.

FEP-XII - Abbreviation for extruded fluorinated ethylene propylene, type XII per MIL-C-17.

FF - There are two types, commercial and military. Commercial type is UL approved fixture wire. Construction is stranded copper conductor, rubber insulation, and cotton braid. Military type FF is MIL- W-16878D, 1,000 volt, 200° C, sizes 24 AWG to 4/0 AWG. Construction is stranded tin copper conductor, silicone rubber insulation, with or without an outer glass braid.

FG - Abbreviation for fiberglass.

FG BRAID-V - Abbreviation for fiberglass impregnated type V per MIL-C-17.

FHPE - Abbreviation for foamed high density polyethylene.

FIBER OPTICS - Transmission of energy by light through glass fibers.

FIELD - Area through which passes electric and/or magnetic lines of force.

FIGURE 8 CABLE - An aerial cable in which the conductors and steel supporting strand are jacketed together in such a manner that a cross section of the cable approximates the figure eight.

FILLED CABLE - A telephone cable construction in which the cable core is filled with a material that will prevent moisture from entering or passing through the cable.

FILLED STRAND - Conductor in which the interstices between the individual wires are filled with a compound to prevent moisture migration along the conductor.

FILLER - a) Fillers are used in multi-conductor cable to occupy the voids formed by the assembled conductors. This is done so that there sulting configuration will be round. b) An inert substance added to a compound to improve properties or decrease cost.

FIRE CONTROL EQUIPMENT - This is equipment that automatically directs the firing of armament. It is constructed in accordance with International Municipal Signal Association Standards. These standards recognize 18 to 9 AWG wires and cables that may be insulated with rubber or polyethylene with lead or lead alloy sheath.

FL - Abbreviation for FL poly tape.

FLAME-RESISTANCE - The ability of a material not to propagate flame once the heat source is removed.

FLAME-RETARDANT - Ability of a material to prevent the spread of combustion by a low rate of travel so the flame will not be conveyed.

FLA MMABILITY - The measure of a material’s ability to support combustion.

FLASHOVER - A disruptive discharge in the form of an arc or spark between two electrical conductors or between a conductor and earth.

FLASHOVER VOLTAGE - The voltage between two conductors at which flashover just occurs. The dry flashover voltage is the voltage at which flashover occurs when the conductors are separated by a clean dry insulator. The wet flashover voltage is the voltage at which flashover occurs when the clean insulator is wet.

FLAT CONDUCTOR - A wire having a rectangular cross section as opposed to round or square conductors.

FLEX. - Abbreviation for flexible.

FLEXLIFE - The measure of the ability of a conductor or cable to withstand repeated bending.

FLEXOPRENE® - Standard Wire & Cable Co. trademark for flexible, oil resistant portable cord and cable.

FLUOROCARBON - Any of various chemically inert compounds containing carbon and fluorine used chiefly as lubricants, refrigerants, nonstick coatings, and formerly aerosol propellants and in making resins and plastics.

FLUOROPOLYMER - Insulations or jackets char- acterized by the presence of fluorine in the formula- tion.

FM - Abbreviation for frequency modulation.

FOAMED PLASTICS - Insulations having a cellular structure.

FP - Abbreviation for fluorocarbon polymer, modified polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). See polytetrafluoroethylene.

FPL - Abbreviation for fire protective power-limited signaling circuit cable.

FPLP - Abbreviation for fire protective power-limited signaling circuit plenum cable.

FPLR - Abbreviation for fire protective power-limited signaling circuit riser cable.

FR-1 - See VW-1.

FREQUENCY - The number of times an alternating current reverses itself in one second. Expressed in Hertz (Hz), which is one cycle per second.

FREQUENCY BAND - A particular range of frequencies that forms part of a larger continuous series of frequencies. The internationally agreed radio

frequency bands are shown below:

Wavelength Band Frequency
1 mm - 1 cm extremely
300 - 30 GHz
1 cm - 10 cm superhigh
30 - 3 GHz
10 cm - 1 m ultrahigh
3 - 0.3 GHz
1 m - 10 m very high
300 - 30 MHz
10 m - 100 m high
30 - 3 MHz
100 m - 1,000 m medium
3 - 0.3 MHz
1 Km - 10 Km low
300 - 30 KHz
10 Km - 100 Km very low
30 - 3 KHz

Microwave frequencies, ranging from VHF to EHF bands are usually subdivided into bands designated by letters. These are not internationally agreed upon but the commonly used subdivisions are shown below:

Band Frequency (GHz) Wavelength (cm)
P 0.225 - 0.390 133.3 - 76.9
L 0.390 - 1.550 76.9 - 19.3
S 1.550 - 5.20 19.3 - 5.77
X 5.20 - 10.90 5.77 - 2.75
K 10.90 - 36.00 2.75 - 0.834
Q 36.0 - 46.0 0.834 - 0.652
V 46.0 - 56.0 0.652 - 0.536
W 56.0 - 100.0 0.536 - 0.300

FREQUENCY MULTIPLEXING - The technique of sharing a transmission channel wherein carrier signals of different frequencies are transmitted simultaneously.

FRHF - Abbreviation for flame-retardant and halogen-free. A sheathing material which is flame-retardant, halogen-free, noncorrosive, low-smoke, and non fire propagating.

FRPE - Fire retardant polyethylene.

F/S - Abbreviation for foam skin insulation (expanded polyolefin with a skin of solid polyolefin).

ft - Abbreviation for feet.

FT-4 - CSA designation for vertical tray flame test.

FT-6 - CSA designation for plenum or MI flame test.

FUSED SPIRALTAPE -This refers to a type of PTFE insulated hook-up wire.The conductor is run through a taping head so that each successive wrap overlays the previous wrap. The spiral wrapped conductor is then passed through a sintering oven where the overlaps are fused together. The wire is then sized and polished.

FUSIONSPLICE - A splice accomplished by the application of localized heat sufficient to fuse or melt the ends of two lengths of optical fiber. Same as heat shrink splice.

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